Distinct offers Network Monitor, the ONLY natural language Protocol Analyzer, ONC RPC for C++, .NET and Java, and IntelliTerm, the fastest Terminal Emulator for TN3270, TN5250 and VT420 on the market.

What can Network Monitor do for you?

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Network Monitor

Common uses for Distinct Network Monitor:
  • Identifying performance problems
    Distinct Network Monitor and its Report Builder offer network engineers the ability to run reports that will help detect whether there really are network bandwidth issues going on or whether performance problems are related to a different issue altogether.
  • Justifying infrastructure upgrades
    Using the Report Builder function of Distinct Network Monitor, system engineers can study network bandwidth utilization trending over longer periods of time to assist them in deciding if an infrastructure upgrade is indeed necessary. They can also see which servers are overloaded and decide to rebalance the load by rerouting part of the load to idle servers before investing in new hardware.
  • Preventing the rising threat of viruses and worms
    Using Report Builder network engineers get a very detailed view of their networks and may be able to recognize suspicious activities that may indicate an intrusion.
  • Analyzing the use of web servers
    Using Report Builder's detailed HTTP and FTP reports marketers can get a better picture of users activities on the corporate web site and monitor bandwidth used in accessing these servers.
  • Debugging network applications
    Distinct Network Monitor also includes features, such the ability to capture, modify and resend a packet over the network, specifically targeted to software developers. This and other features are very useful to software developers working with proprietary protocols or developing network applications that rely on specific protocols.

Distinct Network Monitor
Network Monitor 5.1 Introduction

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